10 Songs to Get Little Toes Tapping


Andrea Towey, featured in our January issue, is the founder of Junior Art and Music (JAM) in Norwalk, Connecticut, where she teaches kids’ art and music classes, hosts birthday parties and family concerts, and unleashes heaps of pint-sized creativity. We asked her to create a playlist of her favorite kids’ songs that moms and dads just might find themselves singing along with, too.

Andrea says: “This is my top ten — a diverse selection including Latin, African, swing and ‘kindierock’ written and performed by artists and educators. I love anything with a strong beat, a positive message, and a quirky sense of humor.”

Photo credit: Tamara Schlesinger

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  • This list is not showing on my iPad. Is it using flash? Please upgrade to html5….

  • I’m not seeing the list on my iPad, either, just a large white space after the quote from Andrea. Frustrating, especially as I followed the link from my iPad version of the magazine.

  • Also having the same problem as stated above. Followed the link while reading my iPad version of the magazine. It would be lovely if the fun perks of a digital magazine worried with the device it was intended for. Is it possible for this to be fixed?

  • Same problem. Moving from iPad version to web blog. No songs list–only white space. Hoping for a corrected update.

  • Would love to see playlist. Not showing on iPad.

  • Author Comment:

    We’ll check on this for you. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Author Comment:

    An update: the playlist function was built in flash which isn’t supported on the iPad. However, you can view the playlist on a laptop or desktop computer.

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