2012′s Best Christmas Cookies


It’s our last chance to bake up batches of the holiday season’s culinary star, so this weekend we’re breaking out the royal icing and getting down to business.

To get you inspired, we’ve assembled a collection of the best Christmas cookies of 2012. Bon appetit!

Basic Sugar Cookie Stars via Martha Stewart
A simple yet perfect sentiment for the holidays (and an ideal match for a mug of steaming hot cider).

Winter Doll Cookies via Haniela’s
I love the cool grey icing and beaded red trim. Truly spectacular!

Reindeer Macarons via Test with Skewer
Yet another one of the endless possibilities offered by the simple macaron. These are especially cute.

Chocolate and Almond Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies via Whisk Kid
The perfect accessory for a mug of hot chocolate. I can’t look at this picture without my mouth watering!

Stained-Glass Sugar Cookies via Martha Stewart
I absolutely love this original idea for creating translucent cookies. Are they not stunning?

The Perfect Dark Chocolate Sugar Cookie via Sweetapolita
Here’s a recipe for mixing the traditional sugar cookie with everybody’s favorite ingredient, rich chocolate. You’ll definitely want to throw a few of these into the mix this year.

Gingerbread Santas via Na Miotle
I love the traditional quality of these sweet Saint Nick cookies.

Eggnog Lattice Sugar Cookies via Tracey’s Culinary Adventures
These cookies bring back memories of pies made by loved ones over the years. The added touch of eggnog is simply ingenious.

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  • Oh my. These look sooo yummy! I plan on doing my Christmas baking THIS weekend, so the timing of this darling post was perfect. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I’ll be getting my ingredients list ready for a trip to the grocery store later this evening!

  • These are some of the best-looking Christmas cookies I’ve ever seen!

  • Am I missing something here? Reading through the ingredients, and then the comment of adding eggnog…Do we add eggnog? I had a carton of eggnog & drank most of it debating if the spices and addition of rum was “the eggnog” (**). Lol

  • Oh wow! My kitchen is going to put in alot of work tonight! These look so delicious.

  • [...] die Schoko Marshmallow Kekse stammt von Whisk Kid. Das Foto auf der Bestenliste (schaut es euch hier an) hat bei mir sofort Freudensprünge und eine Sprint zum Supermarkt ausgelöst. Das Grundrezept [...]

  • you have a lot of interesting ideas and i love your pretty tastes always , thanks

  • tankyou

  • Excellent thank you

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