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With sun-soaked food photography and an un-intimidating approach to home cooking, food blog Smitten Kitchen is a mainstay on our bookmark bars. Its creator, Deb Perelman, is now making the tricky transition from the blogosphere to the bookshelf with The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, which debuted Oct. 30. Perelman told us more about the book and shared a favorite recipe from her itty bitty 42-square-foot Manhattan kitchen …

How did the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook come to be?

The lifecycle was about four years of me saying I would never write a book. I really love the web. I love the democratic nature of it, I love that it’s free. So, I didn’t have a book itch.

Then I got pregnant and it shifted my perspective a little. You start thinking, “He’s never going to be able to hold a website in his hands.” I got really into this idea that I could dedicate this book to him and it would be the meals we ate when he was too little to remember.

Food blogs seem to multiply by the minute. Why do you think that is?

I think the general thing that all food blogs are benefitting from right now is the return to home cooking. A lot of people in my generation and the generation coming up didn’t really learn how to make chicken noodle soup or vinaigrette.

I think that people want to learn how to take care of themselves as adults and part of that is knowing how to cook a few things when you’re hungry.

Photo by Smitten Kitchen

What’s one of your favorite I’m-an-adult-now recipes?

The chicken noodle soup I made a couple weeks ago definitely made me feel like a high-functioning adult. Get the recipe.

Satisfy your cravings with the more than 100 recipes in Deb’s new book, many of which have never appeared on her blog. $20, available at

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