Turntable Kitchen’s Thanksgiving Playlist

turntable kitchen matthew

Festive, not cliche. Mellow, not sleepy. Creating the perfect Thanksgiving dinner soundtrack can be tough, so we sought the help of Matthew Hickey, co-founder of Turntable Kitchen – a website dedicated to developing fresh, innovative recipes with hand-selected “musical pairings.” Matthew created a special Thanksgiving playlist just for Martha Stewart readers (click play below).

“I wanted the overall vibe to be lush and slightly rustic,” explains Matthew. “I started the mix out with an upbeat tune: something that would be appropriate for that busy, lively moment when everyone is crowding around the table and getting ready to sit down. From there I wanted it to mellow out a little while everyone passes around the food, but while maintaining a fun, quirky vibe. Finally, I favored songs about those things we’re most often thankful for such as family, friends, and loved ones.”




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