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Photograph by Teri Lyn Fisher

L.A.-based food bloggers Jenny Park and Teri Lyn Fisher of Spoon Fork Bacon are a perfect pairing. Jenny is a food stylist and recipe writer and Teri is a dreamy food photographer. They unite their powers for their blog, which features down-to-earth yet beautiful recipes with sophisticated flavor profiles — all with minimal intimidation factor. Their first cookbook, “Tiny Food Party!” has that same vibe. Included are classics like mini tacos, handheld chicken Parmesan, and funnel cakes, plus unexpected treats such as pajeon, a Korean pancake dish, and bolinhos de bacalhau, a classic Brazilian snack. Read on for their tiny-food inspirations and a sneak peek at their recipe for miniature Pop Tarts. You can pick up the book for $10 on Amazon.

Is there any food that shouldn’t be miniaturized?
We don’t think so. The smaller the food the more you can eat.

What do you think is so appealing about tiny food?
Tiny things in general are just so cute. Smaller pieces of food always mean a larger variety, which means you can try a whole lot more. It’s also always fun to eat with your hands.

What was the toughest part of miniaturizing normal-size food?
We had to get creative with some of the recipes. For instance, we used quail eggs instead of regular for our deviled eggs to make them extra tiny. It was also a challenge to make everything able to be eaten with your hands, and in one or two bites.

What are the keys to successful party food?
Picking recipes that will go well together and pairing them with fun cocktails and drinks. We also like to serve food that isn’t messy — no one likes a sauce drip on her blouse.

How do you plan a menu to suit multiple tastes?
We recommend adding a vegetarian option, and if you know you will have people over that are vegan or gluten-free, you can always make the recipe to suit them. There are so many great gluten-free recipes out there, and people would be surprised how easy it is to convert recipes to accommodate special diets.

If you could invite five famous foodies to a tiny food party, who would they be?
We would love to throw a few back with Anthony Bourdain and get sarcastic with him. Another dream is to stuff our faces with Guy Fieri and try on his sunglasses. We would love to sit and talk Oaxacan food with Rick Bayless. Also, we want to eat sugar with Christina Tosi, and sit on Roy Choi’s lap.

Click Here to Get the Recipe for These Cute Mini Pop Tarts

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