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Life as a beauty editor isn’t just about unlimited access to creams and potions. It also requires fluency in the language of scientific ingredients and a highly developed hype-o-meter. Which is why we’re thrilled to introduce Melissa Goldstein, Martha Stewart Living’s brilliant new beauty director — who took a minute to give us a peek into her background and cosmetics case.

How did you first become a beauty editor?
I kind of fell into beauty editorial. I applied for an associate beauty editor position at Town & Country and (surprise!) got the job. My beauty routine at that time consisted of blue eyeliner and not much else, so it was all fairly new to me. However, I was lucky to be mentored by an incredibly smart beauty director who taught me to appreciate and question ingredients and formulations. Now I’m somewhat of a science geek. If I’d known back in high school that this is what I was going to be doing, I’d have paid A LOT more attention in biology and chemistry class.

What question do you get the most often from readers/fellow editors/dinner party companions?
That one’s easy: “What should I use?” The answer is simple: moisturizer and SPF, but it’s going to take a little legwork to find the right combination for you, depending on your skin type, its needs, and what you’re hoping to achieve (straight-up moisture or antiaging). There isn’t a one-product fix-all that works for every woman. Nor is your favorite skin cream always going to be the right one for you. Technology is always changing, and if you’re using the same cream that worked wonders for you in high school (and hopefully you’ve bought a new bottle or two since then), well, you’re just shortchanging yourself.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about beauty products?
All the beauty products and cosmetic procedures in the world aren’t going to do you one bit of good if you aren’t wearing sun protection daily. Period. End of story.

If you could only wear three makeup items each day, what would they be?
Highlighter (it’s a fountain of youth), lip balm, and the perfect multihued bronzer.

What are your favorite beauty blogs? is the only beauty site I peruse daily. The stories are topical, fun, interesting, and most importantly, backed by science – not spin.

What about Pinterest pinners?
I really enjoy Pinterest, but less for the beauty content and more for the recipes and home design ideas. Nina Garcia always has a good mix of fashion, travel and design, as does Merche Grosso, Kristin Breen, Andrea Hansen, and

What beauty trends are you most excited about for fall?
I want to say braids, but every time I try to pull one off, I feel like I just stepped off the set of “Little House on the Prairie.” Other than that, it’s the plum-purple lip. It’s been a while since we did a strong burgundy lip. It’s one of those shades you think you’ll never be able to pull off, yet there’s a shade that works with every skin tone.

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  • Those of us who have followed this amazing woman’s career from the “blue eyeliner” days to the fashion maven she is today are thrilled to find her at Martha Stewart. Ms. Goldstein’s efforts to merge real beauty advice with sun safety awareness are greatly appreciated.
    Elyse Sunshine
    David Cornfield Melanoma Fund

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