Links We’re Loving This Week


Here’s what we’re clicking on, sharing, and smiling about in the Living office this week.

Starburst mirror on a dime: As editors at Living, we are always wary of cheap upgrades looking, well, cheap. But this DIY starburst mirror via Say Yes to Hoboken is refreshingly chic. Weekend project, anyone?

TeuxDeux: Our managing editor Carl Germann loves this website/app that keeps “to do” lists synced on all of your devices and always at the ready. My favorite aspect: the option to list some of your “to dos” within the “someday” category.

Little artists: The little artist kid costumes via Oh Happy Day made my coworkers and me laugh out loud. We all agree that it might be a little bit mean to draw unibrows on our daughters, but this costume is genius!

An open letter to pumpkin-flavored seasonal treats: Photo editor Allison Gumbel emailed me this gem yesterday. Ilana Plen cracks us up. Just read it. Trust us.

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