An Easy Kid-Centric Filing System



In Good Things in our October issue I showed how I use these presentation binders, one of my favorite items from the office supply store, to organize my piles and piles of paper. These books are perfect for filing visual items like images torn from magazines and catalogs and also for paper keepsakes. I prefer them to file folders; I like being able to flip through their clear pages and like that precious papers are protected and contained in sleeves.

I color-code big categories such as Kids, Travel, Food, Holidays, and Home using these labels on the binder spines. Then I write sub-categories on each:


  • birthday party ideas
  • school info
  • toy instructions (I could fill one with Lego alone!)
  • cards (keepsakes)
  • special papers (sweet and funny notes from the kids)


  • weekend trips
  • summer vacation
  • day trips


  • bathroom
  • kitchen
  • living room
  • garden

Holidays (decorating, recipe, and gift ideas)

  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Christmas/Hanukkah


  • takeout menus
  • recipes

On our Crafts Dept. blog, I posted about using these same binders to make school memory books for my kids. I save so many papers of all sizes from school, but the most important are their class pictures and report cards, which are always lost in the piles. I also added these tabs to the pages for each grade.

Now that I have these books ready to go, I’ll drop papers in as we receive them. School just started, so it is a perfect time to start!

How do you file your inspiration and ephemera?

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  • Great tips – these binders look super handy!

    Just a tip on the Lego instructions: you can download them all for free off the Lego web site if you ever need them. They have the going back for at least 30 years, I believe. Some kids *cough*my son*cough* hate to let go of them, but they get so out of control after a while, they have to hit the recycle bin. If you’e ever at a loss for one, check the Lego web site! Good luck! :)

  • Awesome!Once again Martha to the rescue! I have been saving all my childrens papers since before pre-k. They have been in a plastic tote while I try to figure out how to display their importance. Now I can
    give the work they did the credit and show it to everyone.

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