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**The giveaway is now closed.**

Clear off the coffee table, because three noteworthy design books have just hit the shelves. Two were born from beloved blogs and one from the HGTV and “9 by Design” duo — and all three are full of accessible, inspiring home ideas.

Design*Sponge at Home” by Grace Bonney (Artisan Books)
Gorgeous photos, informative captions, inspiring crafts, and DIY tricks — flipping through the dreamy pages of “Design*Sponge at Home” is reminiscent of spending an hour or two on Pinterest. (I’m not the only one who does that, right?) And trust me, you’ll wish you could pin just about everything you see.

Favorite feature: The DIY Basics section’s lists of all the tools you should have in your home and easy-to-follow instructions for the “how do I do that again?” projects that come up anytime you tackle a room redesign.

Home by Novogratz” by Robert & Courtney Novogratz (Artisan Books)
Before-and-after lovers, this is the book for you. Walk through 20 home renovations complete with step-by-step details on the process and what it took to get to the end result. As if the Novogratz’s expertise wasn’t enough, it’s peppered with extra tips from pros on everything from hanging art to color selection.

Favorite feature: A budget analysis at the end of each overhaul so you know exactly how much dough went where.

Young House Love” by Sherry & John Petersik (Artisan Books)

The Petersiks are breaking out of the blogosphere with their first book. (And yes, they’re bringing Burger, too.) With 243 tips and tricks for crafting, updating, and renovating your home (all written the signature Petersik pep you’ve come to expect from their blog), their book will have you itching to break out your ORB spray paint.

Favorite feature: Handy project breakdowns that let you know just how much time, effort, and money you’ll need to invest before you begin each project.

If you just can’t wait to get your hands on these books, you’re in luck! We’re giving away one copy each of “Home by Novogratz” and “Design*Sponge at Home.” To enter, leave a comment on this post. Good luck!

See the official rules. Giveaway closes on October 10, 2012.

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  • I love Design Sponge! I’m always looking for DIY projects and creative ideas for decorating my apartment. All of these books would come in so handy!!!

  • I love Design Sponge, and both books look wonderful!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I’d like to read any of these!

  • Would love to have that Design Sponge book!!

  • Would love to mull over either one of these! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I love, love, love Design Sponge! Great ideas and DIY projects there.

  • I want all of these!

  • ooh, i would love to win all those great books! we’re in the middle of a home remodel and they sure would come in handy!!

  • These books look great!

  • The Novograts are so hip and inspirational.
    Love their approach to design.

  • I would love to have Home by Novogratz! I am a big fan!

  • I looooooove Design Sponge! Check it every day!

  • ooo i would love to read these books. i already pre-ordered the YHL book, but i’m sure i can find someone who would love to read it!

  • I love all the great ideas and diy’s…looking forward to seeing all that the Petersik’s have to show.

  • I’d love to have any of these books!

  • I would love the Design Sponge book.

  • I would love to win one of these books! I’m looking to rid my house of the college decor once and for all and these could certainly help out!

  • Love the design sponge book…but I CAN’T WAIT to get my hands on young house love!

  • Would love to have a book full of inspiration so I can take a break from being on the computer..Pintrest

  • All the books look like good reads!

  • I love those books! I can’t wait to check out the young house love one.

  • Would love all 3! Need some design help!!

  • Love them all!

  • I can’t wait to read these books – reading for free would be a great bonus :)

  • Oooh, I love the Novogratz! They inspired me to hunt down letters from various store signs to great a display of our last name in our dining room. Really fun and everyone loves it!

    I also love Grace Bonny! She is great and I have seen that book and it is chock full of fantastic ideas!!

    Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway, MSL!

  • I want all of these books!!! Thanks!

  • Love Design Sponge & Young House Love. Great books!

  • I would love to win this giveaway! I just moved into a new apartment, and there is a lot of decorating that needs to be done.

  • I want to win! These books look awesome!

  • Yes! Love the eclectic style of the Novogratiz’s and Grace’s eye for beauty!

  • Pick me!! I want all of these books:)

  • I have been coveting the Design Sponge book and waiting for the Young House Love one, but I didn’t even know that the Novogratzes (?) have a book. How exciting.

  • I’d love to win! Thanks.

  • I would love to win. Thanks.

  • Love to win one of these books. Thanks for the chance!

  • I love Design Sponge and I can’t wait for Young House Love to come out!!

  • These books would make a great addition to our home! Hope I win!!!

  • I am a newlywed and new home owner and would LOVE these books because I am obsessed thrifting, estate sale-ing and DIY…furniture, decor, china…even our back deck was a from-scratch weekend project!

  • I have been following these blogs for so long and i love the projects on Design Sponge and Young House Love! I would love any of these books!!!

  • Great choices!

  • I would love to win! Thanks!

  • Love Young House Love.

  • Wonderful!! Just what I need for our new house!!

  • These books look so fun! I would love to win one of these!

  • Would love love love to get my hands on these books!

  • These look great, thanks for sharing!

  • i “know” ALL these bloggers/authors and love them! at least i feel like i know them from their blogs/ tv show! thank you!

  • These look great!!!

  • Would love to have any of these books!

  • LOVE Grace Bonney’s Design Sponge book. Was just introduced to it a few weeks ago by a very creative friend and can’t wait to get my hands on my own copy.

  • These books sound fantabulous – thank you so much!

  • A little style guidance could certainly help our new home find it’s way!

  • I would LOVE these books! Not only can they help me with decorating ideas, they would also look beautiful on my foyer console!! Thanks for sharing!

  • I would love to win! I need all inspiration I can get!

  • Really swell giveaway! Reading and decorating, 2 of my favorite things

  • Young House Love is my favvve!!

  • You can never have too many beautiful decor books!

  • Beautiful books! So excited to get my hands on one.

  • I’d love to own these books! So inspiring!!

  • Love love to have any of these books!

  • It would be incredible to win one of these books to help with inspiration for creating a beautiful space for my family! Thank you!

  • These look lovely. Some books of the cooking variety I’ve been swooning over recently- Vegetarian by Alice Waters, The Sprouted Kitchen by Sara Forte, A Southerly Course by Martha Hall Foose

  • I love all three of these! Design Sponge was one of the first blogs I ever followed, Young House Love is my absolute favorite, and my mom dvrs the Novogratz just for me!

  • Would love to have theses books for inspiration.

  • All three books look so interesting! I especially love Design Sponge.

  • I love Design*Sponge! I have checked this book out at the library several times and would love to own a copy! Every page is full of great ideas!

  • I Want Those Books!!!

  • Would love to have one of these books to give to my daughter who recently bought her first house and is remodeling it with her husband and for her first baby due in February!

  • I love Young House Love, but would enjoy any of the three books!

  • This looks like a great book! I love to see great ideas and tips to make the house look prettier, more organized (haha, I need lots of help in this dept.), and diy fixes that I can do myself. With it all being in a pretty book makes it even better!

  • I hope I win Design Sponge book! I have seen different sponged walls and would like to make one of my own. The book can give me inspiration and instructions… I need a good DIY book for sponge painting!
    I’d enjoy the other books too.

  • Would live a copy if this do it yourself decorating book(s)!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • *love

  • I’m in the UK can I still win??? Xxx

  • Would love to win!

  • I haven’t ever read the Petersik’s blog… but I LOVE Design*Sponge! Great book choices– if I don’t win, there’s no question in my mind I have to finally get around to buying the D*S book!

  • These books look wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I Hope it’s still in due time. Here in Scandinavia winter is closing in on us and it is getting dark. Six months to go before the ligh comes back. Spending time refurbishing my Home and reading about great design ideas would certainly make it less tiresome for me and my little daughter

  • Wouldn’ t it be great to win rather than purchase ? Either way martha , a must for my library reading .

  • Great choices! I can’t wait to check them out. Thank you!

  • I would love to win either book!!

  • Oooooh would love to get some great ideas!

  • When I was saw the Martha show for the first time on tv, i was so amazed. I am somebody who loves to have stuff organised, do stuff by myself, and get new and new ideas, and letting out my creativity in everyday work and in anything and everything. So Martha would answer all my queries and i just love her show. its like an encyclopedia towards better living.. :) Thats why I want my copy of each of these books too!! They will be used and read to their fullest!! :(

  • Wow what a fab opportunity – would love to be in with a chance of either of the books!!! Thanks for the chance.

  • Cool! Can’t wait to flip through these books!

  • Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Love design sponge, can’t wait to read the book!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • What great books! I’m always looking for inspiration.

  • Absolute inspiration! What a great giveaway!

  • I Love younghouselove! I just checked out Design sponge from the library. Would love to own these books!

  • oh yes please! I could use some inspiration!

  • I’d LOVE to get my hands on these books!

  • I live the novogratz & design sponge is such a cool blog! But my favorite all time Internet destination is Young House Love. Can’t wait to check out these books!

  • Coffee table books make me swoon! Send some my way, please! :)

  • Ack! Would love to have these books! Need some help with my drab, boring, dark living room.

  • Awesome giveaway!!!
    I’m obsessed with YHL and Design Sponge, and I think Home by Novogratz would be an awesome inspiration for some bigger projects here at home. I would love to win either book.

  • Those books look awesome!

  • Hope to win!

  • Love books that inspire me to make my house beautiful!

  • I’d love to win one of these books!

  • i would love to get any of those books, but especially the yhl book.

  • I would love any of the inspiration any of these books would bring me.

  • I have pre-ordered YHL’s book and would love to win these to have all kinds if great coffee table goodness!

  • I am dying for these books! How did you know?!?

  • I love the Novogratz family and their designy ways! I would love their book. And Sherry and John Petersik speak my language so I will definitely get that book once it comes out.

    My best, Lynn

  • LOVE Young House Love – hoping to win one of the books!

  • Would love any of the books!

  • YHL and Home by Novogratz will both be at our local book festival next week. I would love to win!

  • These books are all on my “want” list.

  • Can’t wait for the YHL book! Would love to win any of these! :)

  • Would love any of those books.

  • I would love any of these!!

  • I’d love to win this giveaway, YHL is my favorite blog!

  • I’m always reading those blogs, I’d love to see their books!

  • Would LOVE to receive these books in your give-away!
    While Martha is the best,original DIYer IMHO, new inspirations are always fun to look through.

  • I love all these books!

  • I have been reading YHL for 3 years! Love it!

  • so many good books coming out! i would love to add all 3 of these to my growing collection!

  • I’m going to see both the Novagratzs and the Petersiks at a book signing next weekend and I’m so excited! I would love to win!

  • All these books look fantastic!

  • Can’t wait to read these books!

  • All 3 books look like great reads- full of creative and inspiring ideas! Have to admit- YHL is my favorite blog so owning their book for free would be A-maz-ing!

  • Would love these books!

  • I’d love to win these books especially the YHL one!

  • Would love to win those books! I can’t resist good DIY ideas!

  • These books look great! I would love any of them!

  • Obsessed with Young House Love, but all those books look amazing!

  • My husband and I are new homeowners and would love a copy of one of these books!

  • Yay! I would love to win these books!

  • My husband and I are in the process of buying a new home (a fixer upper) and these books would really come in handy!!!!!!!!!

  • I would LOVE the YHL book!

    Kelli @ Little Cottage of Mine

  • Love all of them, great choices!

  • What great inspiring design books! Enter me in.

  • Thanks for the chance to win one of these books!

  • I LOOOOVE YHL and just took a fifty percent paycut, so their book would be SO AWESOME

  • Awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I just got married and moved to the ‘burbs.I have an empty house to decorate – Bring on the books! :)


  • Sign me up! Love them all!

  • [...] to place certain things. Oh and that hot pink book you see on the bookshelf? I won it over on the Martha Stewart Living blog! Yes, I won the Home by Novogratz book! :D Pretty neat, [...]

  • The budget analysis for the projects in “HOME” make that one of my favorite DIY books.. Sometimes these creative and borderline brilliant ideas scare people (myself included) away b/c we think it will cost a fortune. thanks to the budget analysis, we know its affordable. I would love to win the Design Sponge Home book though!

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