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Ali's illustration of a fact-checking email I sent about scheduling a massage for your pet at a resort. From top: a crawfish, a carp, and a goat. Counterintuitively, the carp seems to be enjoying its massage the most.



As promised, a few notes on today’s show:

This is the children’s book written and illustrated by today’s guest (and one of my favorite people in the office), Living copy editor Ali Bahrampour.

Our second guest, Ilyana Mansfield, made this beautiful dragon mask for author Ursula K. LeGuin.

And this is the book our editor in chief, Pilar Guzman, referenced in her October editor’s letter about apples, which just hit newsstands on Monday. I learned more about this fruit in doing the fact-checking for Pilar’s letter than I have in three decades of eating them. I know my department director, Ann Sackrider, felt similarly about fact-checking for the story on Maine pomologist John Bunker, who is kind of a historian in the work of Johnny Chapman, a.k.a. Johnny Appleseed.

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