Editors’ Picks: Bright Office Gear



The promise of fall makes us, even as grown-ups, want to run to the stationery store for a shiny new batch of school supplies. Trapper Keepers are no longer on our wish lists, but this rainbow of desk accessories is.

1. Our unofficial staff pen, the Le Pen will inspire you to choose a cool signature hue. $1.75 each

2. This clever clip means no more crawling around in search of stray cords. From $15

3. Giant rubber bands in pretty-enough-to-wear prints hold papers securely in file folders. $8 for 2 rubber bands, $5 for 6 file folders

4. Color-coded notebooks are a multitasking must-have. $5 each

5. Create an artful desktop tableau – and keep supplies organized – with an assortment of mod Kaleido metal trays. From $22

6. Sometimes it’s the little things, like this blue tape dispenser, that brighten your day. $12

7. The Refresh docking tray juices six electronic devices at once without a messy jumble of chargers. $90

8. Teflon-coated Allex scissors slice right through sticky surfaces. $40

9. Even thumbtacks are covetable when they’re candy-colored. $3.50 for 70

Photos by Devon Jarvis

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