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Everything you need to know may be learned in kindergarten, but — for me, at least — creativity began in preschool. Some of the best art projects I ever did as a kid were at Crocus Hill Preschool in St. Paul, Minnesota. And going back 25 years later for the school’s fabulous art show (their 51st!) brought my colorful, tactile experiences right back.

My favorite, the metamorphosis unit, is still going strong — throughout the year, Crocus Hill kids watch real butterflies grow, spread their wings, and finally fly to Mexico while documenting the process through art (think gold glittered seams on the chrysalis). A brand-new segment this year on abstract art led to the Wassily Kandinsky project, in which kids used watercolor and crayon to create the gorgeous group piece above.

I hope these snapshots will get you and your kids inspired to make and learn together as the new school year begins.

Standing cutout self-portraits with tie-dyed shirts and yarn hairdos.

Check out those rich, blue night sky paintings.

Three stages of metamorphosis

I remember making these when I was four.

Each child does a self-portrait at the start of the school year and one at the end.

A few of the teachers who make Crocus Hill such an amazing place: Monica, Brigid, and Kathi (my mom!)

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  • What has happen to your programming. I so enjoyed
    you each and every day. I enjoyed your people,receipts,guests and each one of your how to do segments. Not just your cooking, but all else.
    Let me know when I can turn my tv back on. You are also my home page.
    Thank you,
    Nancy DeAngelis

  • Crocus Hill is an AWESOME school, really wonderful teachers in all classes, and a great place to learn. We have sent all three children to Crocus Hill. We are really happy to have our youngest in Monica, Brigid, and Kathi’s class this year. Our older children love to go back for the Art Show, such a treat!

  • So happy to see Crocus Hill and their art shows featured here. My daughter had such a wonderful three years there, with incredible teachers and thoughtful programming. Just as preschool should be!

  • Lovely to see that Crocus hill is still the magical place it was when our daughter attended. Not only did she receive the gift of a love for art but this wonderful preschool also taught her a love for life and exploration of the world around her. Now a seventeen year old young woman she still has both a love for life and a desire to explore the world. Crocus Hill should be the model for all preschools!

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