“Gone Girl” Book Club Wrap Party


Book Club finally caught up last week to discuss August’s brain-twisting selection, “Gone Girl.” We found it tricky to save conversation for a big group discussion, as every new chapter had us on the edge of our seats. We met up at the end of the day on our office roof deck, brought a few snacks, and couldn’t stop talking about Nick and Amy’s sociopathic journey.

Snacks, Prosecco, and a sunny afternoon! A perfect recipe for discussing "Gone Girl."

We found it a little bit difficult to bring the plot to life for our party because so much of the book is focused on a murder case! No one wants to sit in a police crime scene to chat with friends, so we focused on smaller story lines for our decorations. We turned a table into a dressed-up version of Nick and Go’s “The Bar,” and brought Prosecco, wine, and crunchy bar snacks. Kristen and I wanted to set up an Amy-inspired treasure hunt to lead our fellow readers to our gathering, but that seemed a little excessive and a little grim, so we settled for a multiple-choice invitation:

August’s book discussion will …

a) have lots of wine and snacks to share
b) be nice and sunny on the roof (if weather allows!)
c) spark interesting conversation
d) all of the above!


See after the jump for a few of our favorite moments. Be careful, and click ONLY if you’ve read the book … spoilers abound! 

  • It was already difficult to trust Nick … he was an extremely unreliable narrator, with his daydreams of killing his wife, and incomplete thoughts about his location and activities. When we found out he was cheating on Amy, it was a disappointing but expected turn. It was interesting, however, that after we found out about his mistress Andie, he became a little more likable.
  • Finding out Amy was alive had all of us buzzing: “Have you gotten to the black page yet?!?” Not every one liked that maneuver, but some of us thought that it was an interesting way to pit us, the reader, against both of them.
  • As Amy’s duplicitous plan completely unraveled, she missed opportunity after opportunity to even remotely redeem herself. It was fascinating to so completely mistrust and dislike a character but be totally wrapped up in her every move.
  • The ending left us a bit wanting; general consensus was that neither Nick nor Amy ever really get their just desserts. Personally, I loved the ending; it was a fantastic way to tie up the story and leave us with plenty to wonder about what was in store for their future.

What did you think? Let us know in comments below!

And tune in later this week to find out what we’re reading this September!

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  • This was a very well-written book and I commend the author. I couldn’t sympathize with Nick even though he was married to a psychopath because he seemed to be spineless. I would have left her after the first date.

  • So not a fan of the ending. I wanted her to have tripped up somewhere unexpectedly. There was no way, I thought, that he would have stayed with her!

  • Read this for our book club also. Took me to page 100 to really get into it, then I couldn’t put it down, I love the way the author wrote Amy. I was waiting for the police to catch her in a lie and was disappointed in the ending, hard to believe he would stay with her.

  • Loved it! Except for the ending :/

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