The Collection: Alison Feldmann’s Handmade and West German Pottery

Alison Feldman

Etsy blog's editor in chief, Alison Feldman.

Alison Feldmann knows when something is good from the moment she sees it. Like most collectors, she’s drawn in by the magic of a piece, and when hunting for additions to her collection of handmade and West German pottery, she doesn’t mind if it’s sixty years or six months old.

Alison's West German pottery collection.

The editor in chief of Etsy’s blog started her pottery collection two years ago and after discovering “Fat Lava,” a specific style of West German pottery glazing that emulates molten lava. She is particularly fond of pieces with unusual textures and rich glazes. Black, cream, red, blue and gray appeal to her most, and find a perfect (if unintentional) echo in her Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment. Though West German pottery can be found in the U.S., Alison often buys the pieces from European sellers on sites like eBay or Etsy. She’s not particularly picky about the maker.

One of Alison's treasured pieces.

As you’d expect, Alison comes across one-of-a-kind collectables all the time in her job.  Most recently, searching for something Grecian-inspired to wear to her upcoming wedding, she found a vintage German wedding tiara and corsage that was originally worn for a couple’s 50th (gold) wedding anniversary in 1936. She draws much of her inspiration from the American Folk Art Museum, as well as the recently opened American Museum of Folk Art.

Natural meets functional on Alison's dresser.

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