Roger & Gallet Beauty Products


A few years ago, I hugged a friend of mine hello and I was smitten. What is your perfume? No perfume, she said. But you must be wearing some micro perfume from Paris! It was Roger & Gallet.

I immediately bought the Shiso body cream she was wearing. I like being able to do two things at once (moisturize and smell good). The best part about R&G is that their scents are not obvious and predictable. If you buy citron body wash in the U.S., you know it smells like a lemon. Not so with R+G! Their citron body wash had a hint of citrus, but with many other subtle layers. The vert fragrant water was lovely and lasting, and I didn’t smell like a cup of tea.

The company has been around since 1862, so they know what they are doing.  Their products remind me of Europe  — and remind me that I should plan my travel for next summer!

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