Put a Fox on It


Satires resonate with us because of the element of truth attached to them. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein found comedic gold when their “Portlandia” characters invaded a shop and put a bird on everything in sight. Our feathered friends had become the darlings of the design world, appearing on totes, tees, and a litany of other products. Well, we’re over birds, and octopi too. A more clever animal has caught our attention. We want to put a fox on it. A little bit cute, a little bit conniving, sleek red foxes with bushy tails have won us over completely. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite hand-crafted products from the genus vulpes.

Letterpress Fox Print, $18, from BearsEatBerries

Fox Handrawn on wood, $50, from MirDinara

Furred Fox Ring with Green Garnet Eyes, $120, from Michaeltatom

Wool Flet iPad case, $76, from BoutiqueID

Foxes on a Bench T-shirt, $24, from FuzzyInk

Handmade Wallet Made from Vegan Fabric, $54, from HappyKathy

Grayson the Fox Felt Applique Pillow, $35, from Cuore

Eco Lunch Sack Recycled Cotton Canvas Lunch Tote with Handle, $22, from ALittleLark

Canvas Tote Bag, $16, from SquarePaisleyDesign

Wild Foxes Print, $20, from EekDesign

And, if you didn’t know that “In Portland, you can just put a bird on it and call it art” watch the clip from “Portlandia.”

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