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If you stop by the Brooklyn home of Sophie Demenge, the founder of the charming children’s line Oeuf, you might find children swinging from the ceiling. But that’s okay. The French-American family has a trapeze in their living room, and everyone — Sophie; her husband, Michael; their two children, Mae, 10, and Marius, 7 — has learned some daredevil tricks.

Does your family swing on the trapeze a lot?

The kids do it first thing when they wake up and last thing before bedtime. It’s harder for Michael and me because our legs drag on the floor, but thankfully there’s a good trapeze school a few subway stops away.

Your son is such a monkey! What are his favorite moves?

Lately, he has been practicing swinging really high and winking and whistling Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.” Quite a scene!

Do your kids perform for guests?

Yes, with music and all. They like to swing really high and scare people. They love to triple-dog-dare our poor guests to do knee hangs.

You have beautiful family photos displayed through your home. How do you choose which ones to feature?

I love to frame photos of relatives through different periods of their lives. I have great ones of my grandmother as a baby, at 20 years old, as a young mom, and then as I knew her. Same for my parents, my sister, and my kids, of course. It actually brings me great comfort to look at them. Call me crazy, but sometimes I talk to the photos and even ask for advice.

What do you like most about your living room?

We can all live together in one big open space. Sometimes we interact and sometimes we just do our own thing (I cook, Mae does homework/reads/plays solitaire, Marius practices his moonwalk and Michael fixes something). It also makes me laugh to dance with my kids in the living room — although with a 10-year-old child, I know those days are numbered. My husband, in fact, is no longer allowed to do the robot dance.

Photos by Stephanie Deleau

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  • This made me so happy and inspired. Sophie, your children sound like people I’d like to hang out with. As a 27-year-old woman who would like to bring up a couple of lovely kids someday, this interview gave me hope that raising a family can include having an absolute blast. I love when exercise and delight can be wrapped into one! Keep being spunky and cool!

  • Such a brilliant interview, her house looks amazing, and I’m dying to have a go on that trapeze!

  • How fun! Wish I had this growing up instead of taking to the stair railing in our living room and swinging and jumping (falling) from it (Much to my mother’s dismay :)

  • Love the idea of a trapeze! Don’t think the pasterwork in my flat would take it. Looks like they have a beautiful apartment too.

  • … would you be ok with everyone copying this amazing idea?! We have no overhead lights in our living room (thanks a lot, 1950s… ha!), and a trapeze sounds like a blast! (our kids will never get a turn!)

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  • That trapeze is the just the craziest thing I’ve seen this month – fantastic. I want one for my kids and I’m just working out what fixings to use, how we can prevent them flying through the window, and whether I’ll be able to get a design approved by their mother.

    Thanks for making me smile,



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  • Where oh where can I find a rug with that much personality!? These hardwood floors are killing me!

  • Really beautiful space and what a novel idea. Where is the sofa from?

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  • Author Comment:

    Hi Kim, the sofa is from Room and Board in Soho.

  • I love the trapeze, but all I can find are colorful plastic ones! Where did you get your beautiful wood one?
    Thanks :)

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