Botany for the Body: Plant-based health remedies


Photograph by Susie Cushner

Written by Tovah Martin

In the process of growing thousands of biodynamic plants for her line of health and skin care products, Avena Botanicals, Deb Soule has created a beautiful herb garden that pleases the eye as well as fortifies the body. Soule uses herbs in her preparations based on centuries of Asian, European, and American Indian herbal knowledge.

1. Mullein is reputed to relieve lung and ear ailments.

2. Valerian makes a relaxing tonic at bedtime.

3. Calendula heals cuts and wounds, especially if there is swelling.

4. Schisandra is used in Chinese herbal medicine and soothes a wide variety of ailments.

5. Thyme is an antiseptic used for coughs and sore throats.

6. Black Cohosh relieves muscle pain, especially menstrual cramps.

7. Echinacea stimulates the immune system.

8. Rose eases distress and calms agitation.

9. Feverfew helps alleviate migraines and headaches.

10. Nettle leaves,when young, are a good source of iron if eaten cooked.

Check with your doctor before including any herbal preparation in your health regimen. Read more about Avena Botanicals in the August issue of Martha Stewart Living.

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  • I love Avena Botanicals. Deb’s garden really is beautiful. It’ wonderful to see her featured here. Everyone should know about her wonderful products.

  • You have not lived until you make the trip to the gorgeous gardens of Avena Botanicals. The beauty, peace and tranquility you experience in Deb’s gardens will make your heart leap with joy. Pure perfection! And her products are second to none. I especially love her milk thistle compound. My dog, Savio, had very elevated liver enzymes and his veterinarian wanted to do a biopsy. Instead I put him on 2 dropperfuls of Deb’s milk thistle compound twice a day for 2 weeks and his liver enzymes returned to normal. His veterinarian was stunned. I have always found Deb’s products to be very effective so it was no surprise to me that my dog returned to wellness in a short period of time. Great products and great service. I highly recommend Avena Botanicals for your herbal needs.

  • [...] with the other products they have—they even have a line just for children. And look out for the article on the garden in the August issue of Martha Stewart [...]

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