Test Run: For the Makers


At the risk of having my MSLO employee ID revoked, I admit that the last craft project I worked on was probably a diorama based on Where the Red Fern Grows, circa 1985. It’s not for lack of interest that I haven’t picked up so much as a glue stick since, but rather of supplies (and time to shop for them) and confidence (I am sure I will horribly botch even the simplest project). So when our Crafts editors told me about the new company For the Makers, it seemed made just for me: Each month, the founders—who both have backgrounds in fashion—send you a box of supplies for creating four craft projects, with instructions online. I put it to the test to see how dummy-proof it was.

I chose the easiest-looking project first: a blue braided bracelet made of two strips of chiffon and a ball chain. No sewing, no glue. In 10 minutes, I had a bracelet, perfect for stacking, that’s like something my fellow, craftier editors wear. Success.

Next up was a fabric gardenia bobby pin. It required just a few stitches (the supplies box even includes a needle and thread) and maybe 15 minutes.

The third project, a cute neon candleholder, looked simple enough from the pictures, but the 20-step how-to was daunting. Once I sat down and focused, however, I realized it just required a series of knots. (The instructions, it turns out, are deliberately broken down into many steps—the founders, thankfully, don’t assume you have any crafting prowess.)

No more stalling: Time to take on the biggest project, this poppy pouch. My stitches were amateurish at first, but I soon got the hang of it and started dreaming about other things I might make using my newfound running-stitch skills. And that, it turned out, was the unexpected bonus of For the Makers: it got me in a creative zone after so many years. I’ll need their guidance for awhile—bring on the July kit!—but I might be ready for some freestyle crafting soon.

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