Score a “Make Your Own Drinky” (of The Colbert Report fame) kit!


[ED. NOTE: Our TCgiveaway has ended and we'll announce the winner shortly. Thank you, commenters, for offering to give Gulpzilla 2 a good home!]

Why needlessly suffer the embarrassment and shame that comes with sporting a lame Halloween costume? Or, maybe you’re just in the market for something new to wear on Casual Fridays. In either case, Drinky to the rescue.

Gulpzilla, I. Am. Your. Father! Brendan & Drinky Hurley. Photo: Kristopher Long

Stephen Colbert’s 44 gallon pet soda (a mere 5,616 ounces over Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed beverage-size limit) is the creation of Brendan Hurley, The Colbert Report‘s prop whisperer whom we profiled last week. Brendan has penned step-by-step instructions for creating his basic cable masterpiece. Just leave a comment below for the chance to receive a box containing his how-to’s as well as all the stuff necessary to pour your own Drinky into being; we’ll announce the winner next Monday, July 2nd (the official rules that keep our lawyers employed can be found here).  The artist has even affixed his John Hancock to the ginormous cup’s backside, which not only increases the value of your personal Drinky, but will prove invaluable for those looking to forge Brendan’s signature.

So take a big gulp (of air), comment away and good luck!


Comments (53)

  • Gah! Drinky would make such a good Halloween costume!

  • A how-to Drinky kit? I want one!

  • What a neat way to cover up that “not so trim figure” and have a fun time on halloween or at any great dress up party.

  • This would be great to win! How fun!

  • I’m always trying to come up with new ideas for costumes for myself to surprise my grandchildren. This would be great.

  • This would be amazing! Drinky is so coooooooooll. (haha)

  • That would be amazing. I would feel refreshing.

  • What silliness! I want this thing. Also, I want Mr. Hurley’s job. And talent.

  • This is one of the funniest and awesomest contests ever!

  • I love this ! I live for the 7-11 Big Gulp.

  • How do you enter the contest? awesome Halloween costume

  • Would a drinky costume make my hips look slimmer?

  • This would be the first Halloween costume I’ve worn in 25 years!

  • This is the greatest thing in the history of ever.

  • This was such an enjoyable read…thanks for the intriguing glimpse backstage at one of my favorite shows.

  • I want a drinky to engulpf my thirst in. Also, I demand Stephen be nominated to @sweden. Meater, mahn!

  • I will have to take it in a touch.

  • I work at an elementary school .This would be a very cool costume….would love to drink up the compliments !

  • I promise to only use my Drinky costume for good…not evil.

  • Having a Drinky costume would be amazing!

  • O o o pick me! I love 44 gallons of soda!

  • Love it… Great project too

  • I can’t wait to go trick or treating at Mayor Bloomberg’s office!

  • Aren’t Gulpzilla’s kind banned from New York? He’s a fugitive under the Bloomberg administration.

  • Wow, I love it!

  • That would be awesome…I love soda. Perfect

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  • Drinky!

  • So thirsty… so… thirsty.

  • That prop is cool. I get it. I come from a long line of it-getters.

  • Would this make it easier to sneak into a TCR taping?!

  • Oh Drinky! You’re such a good boy. Yes sir! Yes sir!

  • I could see myself making this cute costume for my husband to wear on Halloween.

  • The possibilities are endless with the blue prints and spec sheets of a clearly mad genius…. or genius level madman, you pick.

  • I live in a state where such large drinks are not only still allowed.. they have just been dropped to $.49, Pick me!

  • yessss!!!

  • Drinky is an inspirational prop of Brendan’s. I was simply tapping into my inner Martha reading Martha Stewart Living while being inspired to create and grow and there was Brendan, talented and inspiring, giving us all the courage to grow and find our place in the world. You can be from a small town, love the wonder of nature, and make it anywhere. What a wonderful story. The glass is really half full and not half empty. We must be able to see beyond…I would love to see if I could build Drinky. Maybe mine would be a giant cappuccino.

  • This is really cool! :)

  • I’d never wear anything else

  • What fun!

  • TCR always has amazing props! :D

  • AAhhh would love to win this!!!!!

  • I could hook up with Justin Timberlake’s
    Cup o’ Soup! Match made in prop master heaven!
    Would Sat. Nite Live allow the match?

  • Well, this would certainly make an appropriate costume for my soda-chugging son, SillyAutismMan.

  • Nothing better to wash down some Hogzilla-sized bacon than with a Gulpzilla…

  • This’d definitely rock any Halloween party I’d care to grace it with. Awesome giveaway, thanks!

  • oh, if i won i would be the luckiest gal alive!

  • I would give Drinky a good home!!

  • The props on the show are incredibly hilarious! Being Drinky for Halloween would most definitely top any past or future costumes.

  • Neat!

  • That’s awesome!

  • I want Drinky!

  • This profile was so entertaining and awesome to read . Great behind-the-scenes look!

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