Makeup: Second-Day Eyes


Get a load of our intern Maeve Nicholson’s gorgeous peepers (one of them at least):

I had a hunch that Maeve was “layering,” whereby yesterday’s and today’s eye cosmetics fraternize (probably a beauty trick developed circa 4,000 B.C. by some ancient Egyptian who overslept). Surely opthamologists, aestheticians, makeup artists and mothers everywhere are against this approach to glamour, but we all do it, as, indeed, Maeve did today. It just gives you that perfectly-imperfect look—it’s like the bedhead of makeup.

Here’s are the two products Maeve used twice, both times to stunning effect:

Dior DiorShow Black Out Mascara in Kohl Black  ($25): Two coats at a time (for a total of four coats) on both top and bottom lashes.

Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Onyx ($7.23): Applied in a straightforward manner inside the lower rims (a.k.a. “waterlines”); for the upper rims, blink carefully into the liner’s tip as you move from one side of the eyelid to the other.

Voilà! Day 2 Va-Va-Voom.


— Those with sensitive eyes should avoid this trick and instead, reproduce by facsimile: 1) Apply two coats of mascara and the liner to upper and lower rims of eyelids; 2) allow to dry thoroughly; 3) smudge ever-so-slightly to desired level of Day 2ness; then 4) repeat application of mascara and liner. 

— I love what I call a “bonsai’d brow” if you’re going for an ultra-polished look, but this picture of Maeve’s unadulterated eyebrows is a reminder that, often, nothing bests au naturel. 

Photo by Anna Ross



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