How-To: Felty Family Portraits


I’m always on the lookout for quirky, crafty gift ideas. New to my list are these felt portraits designed by Suzie Millions.

I spotted these in Heart-Felt Holidays as a Father’s Day project, but they’re just as great for birthday presents or as a rainy day family craft.

If you’re a crafty family, you probably already have felt scraps on-hand to create a portrait of a family member, friend — even a pet! Kids will love adding glitter, beads, and other embellishments to the finished portrait. And if you’re short on time or not feeling ambitious, just skip the handmade felt frame and mount the portrait inside a store-bought frame instead.

Want to make your own? Get step-by-step instructions for creating the portraits, courtesy of Lark Crafts.

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  • What a talented lady Suzie Millions is. Try her great book “The Complete Book of Retro Crafts.

  • I love Felty Family Portraits and it’s inspired me to try!

  • These are unusual and neet-o. Want to di one of my big fat ginger tabby!

  • Felty family ain’t all that Suzie Millions can do. She’s a great portrait painter as well, along with other crafts. Like Pat said, go buy the book ‘Complete Book of Retro Crafts’ to see what I’m tallkin bout.

  • I love Suzie’s work. It’s always clever and makes me smile.

  • i would love to see one of these done on a wall size scale. absolutely charming.

  • Such a fabulous idea & the stitched woodgrain is a stroke of genius! I would follow this woman anywhere!

  • Too cute!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m the co-author of Heart-Felt Holidays, the book this project is from, and I just have to give a shout-out to Suzie Millions. She’s so talented and such a joy to work with! Hope people like the book–it’s full of felt crafts from many wonderful designers for holidays (and celebrations like birthdays) all year long.

  • These look like so much fun to do… now I am looking forward to a rainy day when my daughter and I can make some! Glitter & felt ahoy! Thanks for the fabulous idea, Suzie!

  • Great new idea for framing any picture!

  • Awesome! I love this book

  • Wow. These are great designs. Especially love the glasses. An imaginative use of felt.

  • I love all of Kathy Sheldon’s work. Nice!!! Thanks to Suzi for her creative interpretation.

  • Fun project, with easy-to-follow and well thought out instructions and templates!

  • Nice! I love this idea. Suzie Millions is so cool!!

  • It never ceases to amaze me how Sue can find bits of scraps and make something whimsical to bring on a smile. I think she does it to amuse herself and we are all the beneficiaries.

  • What a great gift idea! I have Heart Felt Holidays and have really enjoyed doing the crafts with my kiddos.

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