God’s Eye Project


My husband, Robert, and I live in New York City with our seven children. We homeschool two of our kids because we wish that we had this unique opportunity when were students. The other five children prefer to be in a traditional school with clubs, sports, and lots of other kids around. For our daughter Tallulah (age 13) and our son, Five (age 7), homeschooling suits them best.

One huge advantage of homeschooling is that the kids can see how we work, how we run our design business, and how we solve the real-world problems we face each day. I’ve also found our surroundings to be an amazing learning tool. New York City provides resources that are far more enriching than those that can be found in any classroom. But it’s all about finding the best method for you and your child. Personally, I’ve learned that I can’t do it all so I sub out math, science, and English to a talented and creative young tutor.

Robert and I feel that it’s important for our children to get involved in the community and get out of the classroom so this is part of their curriculum. Tallulah reads to our son Major’s preschool class each week as her way of giving back. I also incorporate their interests into our daily routine. Five loves art so each day he does an art project. Tallulah enjoys writing and dreams of being a writer, so I allow her time to work on her screenplays. Most importantly I try to remember that each child is different, each year is different, and I can only take one year as it comes and do the best I can each day.

For our art project this week we chose to make a God’s Eye, which originates from Central America and is meant to protect its owner. It is simple to make, fun, eye-catching, and the children can share it with their siblings.

What you need:

Two Popsicle sticks
Wool/yarn in different colors

1. Number each stick 1, 2, 3, and 4 at the tip.
2. Glue 2 sticks together in the shape of a cross.
3. Glue the remaining 2 sticks together in the shape of a cross.
4. Glue the two “crosses” together so that they form a diamond.
5. Choose one color of yarn and wrap it around each the sticks starting with 1, then 2, then 3, and finally 4.
6. Continue to wrap the yarn in this pattern until you’re happy with the amount.
7. Snip the end off of the yarn and then tie the second color on and continue to wrap around each stick.
8. Repeat steps 5-7 two times until you have 4 different colors of yarn.
9. Wrap until you reach the end of the sticks.

I’ve come to realize that the best learning moments revolve around creativity. I hope this project, whether you homeschool your child or simply want to play with your kid and tap into your inner childhood (and artist!), is fun, easy, and offers you a moment to be creative. Thanks for letting Tallulah and Five share their God’s Eyes!

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