Garden Getups


We’re inspired by gardening styles that are as light and easy as summer itself.

Remember, you are weeding and pruning, not tarring the roof. If the garden is an extension of a home and a life, so too should gardening clothes be. We love the sentiment behind the editor and writer Katharine White tending her Maine flower beds in Ferragamo shoes and cotton dresses. “She simply refused to dress down to a garden,” wrote her husband, E. B. White, in his introduction to her 1979 book, Onward and Upward in the Garden. While gardening clothes should be comfortable and washable and, ideally, protect you from sun and insects, they shouldn’t prevent you from inviting a friend to lunch to admire the fruits of your labor.

English Eccentric
Take a page from the style book of Lady Rhoda Birley, the British gardener whose love of hats and use of color we admire.
Somerset hat, in Handwoven Palm, $50, Basic cardigan, in Green Cotton, $20, Forest and Field shirt, in Liberty of London Rose, $139, Scout chino, in Midnight, $70, Nemrod boots, in Khaki, $199,

Japanese Gardener

This is an homage to the traditional uniform of a niwashi.

Taishoroman Rangiku handkerchief, in Black, $12, Chambray Bayou tunic, in Navy, $60, Leather belt apron, $149, Teak plant markers, $12 for 5, Kado shears, by Sakurahamon, $24, Japanese trowel, $20, Seeds, by Martha Stewart Living, from $2 per pack, Monpe pants, in Monpe-114, $129, Original Clog, in Navy, $80,

French Bohemian

Pick your posies with spring in your step in this loose and lightweight outfit that’s suited for hot, muggy days. The scarf offers stylish sun protection in the garden—and well beyond.

Cecily chain sun hat, by Genie by Eugenia Kim, $88, Skimmer kurta, $65, Foulard scarf, $315, Puja pants, $156, from Matta, 212-343-9399. Dali espadrilles, in Teal, $28,

Outfit Photographs by Emily Kate Roemer, Lady Rhoda Birley photographed by Valerie Finnis in Garden People, Moss Garden photographed by Melissa Ozawa, Loulou de la Falaise image Bert Stern/Conde Nast/ Corbis, from TIME.

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