Office Birthday Party: “Star Wars”!


As you might imagine, we have some amazing office birthday parties here at Martha Stewart Living. Inspiration often comes from the birthday boy or girl’s favorite food, color, hobby, movie, etc. For my last birthday, my coworkers channeled their inner sci-fi nerds and threw me an out-of-this-world (sorry) party to celebrate my love of “Star Wars.”

I was blown away by its genius. Remember in “Empire Strikes Back” on the icy planet of Hoth when Han Solo slices open the already-deceased Tauntaun and his guts spill out to create a warm shelter for Luke? The creator of this dessert dispenser, Emily Eibel, originally planned on making a Tauntaun pinata (the “guts” being be the pinata candy), but then had another idea. She created a Tauntaun out of cardboard and crepe paper and formed it around a box of Munchkins (the guts!) Can you see the little cutout she made of Luke sneaking out from underneath? Sigh … amazing!

Lisa Yen and her friend Caitlin Miller made this awesome (and delicious) Death Star cake by baking it in this Wilton Sports Ball pan set and tiling with fondant squares adhered to grey-tinted cream cheese frosting.

Steffi Lynen brought this chocolate cake and Kylie Fife stuck her handmade C3PO in it. (Made from gold foil card stock and joined with brass paper brads … genius!) Only after did they realize that it looked exactly like the scene in Star Wars where C3PO took an oil bath!!

Camden Dunning made the Chewie Bars (a.k.a. Hello Dolly or Seven-Layer Bars). Emily (creator of the Tauntaun) got the idea for making blue milk from her husband, Jashar. He recalled the scene in Star Wars where Luke was eating with his aunt and uncle and they had a blue drink. Extra fan credit to Jashar!

Stormtroopers aren’t usually cute and delicious, but Tracy Chou‘s are! She made mini pumpkin cupcakes, sandwiched two together and filled them with cream cheese frosting. She then coated them with icing and piped on chocolate features.

Alix Sorrel made these Yoda whoopie pies using red velvet recipe. She used green food coloring instead of red and made his ears out of card stock attached to toothpicks. So clever!!

Leslie Robertson brought the cups which I had to include because she bought SOLO brand cups … in honor of Han Solo!!!

Ben Reynaert and Madeline Davy made the Star Wars typeface-ed birthday sign. They also made the cute R2D2 on top of the cake stand out of paper and a mini disposable pie tin! I keep him proudly on my desk now.

Thank you, my creative coworker friends, for a party I will never forget!

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