Planting a Container Herb Garden


I’m a serial plant killer, but this year I’m determined to cook with fresh herbs grown in my kitchen. For advice on planting and maintaining herbs, I went to The Home Depot’s herb gardening workshop, led by Tremayne in the garden department at Manhattan’s 23rd Street location.

During the hands-on part of the workshop, Tremayne walked us through properly planting seedlings.

My main issue is over-watering. I always water herbs until water drains out the bottom, without checking the soil, which probably led to the death of my plants last summer. Melissa Ozawa, Living’s senior gardening editor, suggested I water plants in the sink so that the extra water runs down the drain instead of collecting in a saucer or tray. A good way to know when it’s time to water again is to stick your finger in the soil, up to the first digit, and only water the plant if the soil feels dry.

See that determined look on my face? I was mumbling to myself, I will not kill this plant. I will not kill this plant.















Tremayne showed us a lot of container options beyond clay pots, like window boxes and wall mountable-containers — perfect for small spaces like my apartment.














My friend Kristen, who also has issues keeping plants alive, came to the workshop with me. She discovered that most of her containers at home don’t have drainage holes — a big problem. Tremayne sent her home with this nice clay pot, complete with drainage holes!














Tremayne also advised buying a seedling instead of seeds. You’ll be able to enjoy the herbs right away and won’t have to wait to see if something actually sprouts.

Everyone at the workshop went home with a seedling, and I already used the rosemary I took home in a roasted herbed potato recipe. Luckily for the new plants in my life, I think my black thumb may be getting greener.


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